Elastic floor panels from recycled rubber

Rubber flooring tiles from recycled rubber are widely used in everyday life. Availability in multiple dimensions and possibility of installment on any type of surface make them an ideal solution for both sports courts, trim and pedestrian paths and for children’s playgrounds.

They are characterized by exceptional resilience, slip resistance, wear resistance and freeze resistance. They are easy to maintain, and their unique chemical composition makes them completely safe for the environment.

They are made from recycled materials, and after the usage they can be fully recycled without releasing harmful products.

They are available in black, red and green color and can be produced in other colors at the customer’s request.
They are produced in dimensions of: 500 x 500, 500 x 1000 and 1000 x 1000 mm, with thickness of 30-80 mm.
Rubber flooring tiles have TÜV certificate and they were tested as per EN 1177:2008 and EN 1176-1:2008 standards.

Elastic floor panels from recycled rubber for gyms

They have the same characteristics as the elastic floor panels made ​​from recycled rubber, but are made only in one dimension – 1000 x 1000 x 20 mm .

Rubber casters


Casters are manufactured from recycled rubber in two standard dimensions (Ø197/Ø97×47±2mm) and in two standard sizes of firmness depending on the purpose:
1. Casters for containers with a greater weight (H)
2. Casters for municipal waste bins (S)

They are ideal for industrial application because their composition does not produce noise and does not damage floors and textile surfaces. They are functional on uneven surfaces. The casters are made in black color but they are available in red and green color, as well.


Rubber granulate is produced in the process of mechanical crushing of waste tires. It is completely safe for the environment and available in three colors: black, green and red.

It can be used for various purposes, both for sports courts and trim paths and for the garden interior. One of its widest applications is its use as a base for artificial grass. In this way, service life of the pitch is prolonged and it ensures greater comfort and stability during the game.